For Sale, Healdsburg, Sonoma County

Currently listed Sonoma County homes on over 5 acres

Sonoma County has over 425 wineries, ranging from small, boutique-sized businesses to well-known, internationally acclaimed names.

The reason wineries do so well in this area is the climate and soil, both of which help the grapes grow to be of the highest quality for winemaking.

These favorable conditions may inspire homebuyers to look for a house with enough acreage to grow wine grapes themselves, as buying a winery can be cost prohibitive.

The amount of land needed for a small winery if individuals want to grow grapes is 5 to 10 acres, just to start out. Homebuyers who are looking at winemaking as a hobby may want to look for house listings with acreage in mind.

Click through our gallery above to see the winery-ready homes on over 5 acres currently listed in Sonoma County


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