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Homes with basements for sale Sonoma County

According to home design website Spruce, having a full basement in a home has many, sometimes overlooked, benefits. In California, basements are somewhat rare and finding a house with one can have advantages. Here are the top three reasons a house with a basement is a good choice:

Extra space: If the basement is professionally finished and given the amenities of the rest of the house (electricity and heating/air conditioning) it adds an entire room to the house.

Storage: Even if a basement isn’t fully finished, it can be used for extra storage. This leaves room in the garage for cars and lets that priceless porcelain set sit undisturbed for as long as you want.

Home theater: If someone has always wanted a fully equipped home theater or media room but hasn’t been able to use the family living room, the basement is the ideal place. It can also become a home gym or a second living room.

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One thought on “Homes with basements for sale Sonoma County

  1. I’ve always been curious to know the actual reason basements are so rare in California. Some home builders I’ve asked have come up with “cost” as a reason, but then shrug their shoulders and admit to not really knowing, since the houses are more expensive here anyway. One mentioned water table issues in some areas, but that’s not too difficult of a problem to solve. I queried if anyone had ever added a basement to an already-built home, and that gets laughed off as infeasible…

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