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Condominiums for sale in Sonoma County

According to the real estate professionals at Rocket Mortgage, new homebuyers who are having trouble finding a budget-friendly house or want to buy a place but don’t want to take on the exterior maintenance, a condominium may be the best choice.

Here are the top three benefits of owning a condominium:

Amenities: A condominium allows homeowners to enjoy various amenities, with the benefit of not being responsible for upkeep. Amenities may include parks, swimming pools and sometimes  a parking garage.

Less maintenance: Through HOA fees, owners are relieved of the  work and upkeep of a single-family home, including tending a lawn, maintaining AC units or furnaces, and bigger issues like property damage.

Cheaper insurance: Homeowners are responsible for both the house and the land it occupies and are expected to get insurance for both the interior of their home and the exterior. In contrast, condo owners are solely responsible for safeguarding the interior of their houses, which often results in reduced insurance costs.

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