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Currently listed homes with a pond in Sonoma County

According to the land use experts at New York’s Future Forest Consulting, in 2021 it was reported that having a private outdoor space is the most valuable aspect of a home to homeowners.

One way to have private space is to have a pond. Here are the company’s top three reasons having a pond is a good move:

Help local: Installing a pond adds beauty to the landscape and benefits the homeowner and surrounding wildlife. Adding fish helps maintain the ecosystem by consuming algae, keeping the pond clean and stirring up water to aid filtration.

Creates a cooling backyard spot: As temperatures heat up, a pond can  become an oasis, offering respite from the heat as its evaporating water cools the surrounding air. If the pond is placed in a shaded spot, it ensures a cool place to relax throughout the summer season.

Aid in water conservation: Ponds  replenish themselves with rainwater, essentially self watering. Homeowners who install ponds find that they only need periodic water changes. This self-sustaining hydration cycle keeps pond plants thriving without additional watering. Also, pond water can be efficiently utilized to nourish yard plants.

Click through our gallery above to preview currently listed Sonoma County homes with a pond


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