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Currently listed historic homes in Santa Rosa

There are 9 cities and 28 census designated places in Sonoma County, with Santa Rosa being the largest and most populated city. For homebuyers looking for a part of history, Santa Rosa is a great place to look for Bungalows, Craftsman, Ranch, and Victorian homes. According to the experts at Rocket Mortgage, owning a historic house may involve extra work, but can come with some unexpected benefits. Here are the top three:

Ownership of a distinctive part of the past: For some homeowners, investing in a historic residence isn’t just property ownership—it becomes an emotional journey. Prospective home buyers within this niche actively seek out unique, vintage houses that resonate with their passion for architecture or history. As they navigate the housing market, their preferences gravitate toward enchanting features and one-of-a-kind historical structures.

Becoming a member of a preservation-oriented community: Acquiring a home in a historic district isn’t just becoming a neighbor; it involves a commitment to preserving the history of the home as well as the neighborhood. This shared dedication among homeowners extends beyond being good neighbors to actively safeguarding the character and heritage of the district, even when it means an additional investment and limitations on certain property rights enjoyed by non-historic property owners.

Enhanced returns on investment: Meticulously maintained homes within well-preserved historic districts have consistently outpaced their newer counterparts in terms of value appreciation. Various factors contribute to this, including the allure of residing in a historic neighborhood and the increasing property values associated with areas undergoing enhancement.

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