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Currently listed homes under $1 million in Napa County

According to the experts at, the latest median sold price in Napa County is $1.1 million. Compared to the $799,000 current median sold-price that in neighboring Sonoma County, this may seem confusing to new home buyers, but here are the top three reasons this may be:

Scarcity of housing: Napa County, known for its picturesque landscapes and vineyards, may have limited available land for housing development. This scarcity of housing can drive up prices due to high demand and low supply.

Desirable Location: Napa County is a desirable location for living, with its proximity to Wine Country, natural beauty and a reputation for a high quality of life. The demand for homes in such desirable locations often leads to higher property values.

Tourism: Napa Valley is a popular tourist destination, and short-term rentals or second homes for vacation purposes can contribute to higher home prices.

There aren’t many of them, but we were able to find current listings below this median price.

Click through our gallery above to preview currently listed homes below median in Napa County


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