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Currently listed Sonoma County homes with sizable backyards

According to the landscaping experts at Backyard Savvy,  the benefits to having the added space can be worth it. Here are their top three reasons a big backyard is a good thing:

Increases the value of the home: Large backyards can add value to a house, not just because of the land but also because of the possibility of additions such as a pool, a large garden, sheds for storage or even RV parking.

Better home entertaining: With a large, well-maintained backyard, get-togethers, parties, and events such as weddings get easier. There’s no need to rent or find space at a public park when all these events can be hosted at home.

Safe space for kids: Families with younger children can allow their children to explore the backyard freely without worrying about strangers or loose animals. This is especially important for young children just beginning to explore the outdoors.

Click through our gallery above to preview currently listed Sonoma County homes with sizable backyards



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