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Currently listed Sonoma County waterfront homes under a million

According to the real estate experts at Urbaneer, living near a body of water – whether it’s an ocean, lake, stream, or seasonal creek – has enormous benefits for your health. Though an oceanfront house may be out of the budget for many homebuyers, Sonoma County has other options that are just as restorative, such as the Russian River, Santa Rosa Creek, Sonoma Creek, Spring Lake, and a wide array of seasonal creeks that show up during the rainy seasons.

Here’s the top three reasons homebuyers may want to take a look at homes near water:

Water helps create a sense of calm: In a recent study conducted in New Zealand, researchers have put forth a compelling theory suggesting that proximity to water may be the most direct route to achieving mindfulness. The study revealed noteworthy findings, indicating that access to ‘blue space’ appears to have a more significant positive impact on the psychological well-being of urban residents when compared to the benefits of green space.

More opportunities to exercise: Individuals drawn to waterfronts often engage in physical activity during their time by the water. The waterfront proves to be an ideal setting for various forms of exercise, including biking, walking, and running. Additionally, the serene ambiance provides an excellent backdrop for activities such as meditation and yoga.

Can improve the quality of sleep: The incorporation of white noise or the calming sounds of running water in “sleep” machines is for a very valid reason. These sounds are recognized for their soothing properties and are acknowledged as effective sleep aids. The connection is clear – improved sleep contributes to better overall physical and mental health.

Click through our gallery above to preview currently listed Sonoma County waterfront homes under a million.



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