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Historic homes for sale in Healdsburg

According to Rocket Mortgage, there are pros and cons to buying a historic house.

While unique, they can often take more time and money with renovations, preservation and upgrades that won’t diminish their historical value.

Here are the top three reasons homebuyers may want to buy a historic house:

It is a piece of history: Buying a historic home can be an emotional investment for a niche set of buyers attracted to the unique features and history of owning a historic house.

They are committed to preservation: Historic homes are often found in a “historic district” a neighborhood with other historic homes where the owners are expected to commit to preserving the home as close to original as possible. Maintenance will often cost more and limit certain property rights, but for some owners, their own little piece of history is worth it.

There’s higher return on the investment: Many well-preserved homes in historic districts have been significantly outpacing their newer homes in value increases.

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