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Homes with sizable porches currently available in Sonoma County

As the weather heats up in Sonoma County residents often like to spend more time outdoors. A porch is a way to do that.

According to a history of front porches, they began being seen regularly in home design in the 1800s.

While they have decreased in size over time, there are plenty of houses currently listed in Sonoma County that still have porches sizable enough to relax on.

Here are reasons porches became popular:

Outdoor leisure space: As neighborhoods began to grow, families began to view the front porch as a casual area for entertaining and socializing with others.

Protection from the elements: Larger covered porches can be found in areas where the temperature can vary between extremes. These porches offer shade from the summer heat, spring rains, and even winter snow.

Perfect indoor-outdoor living areas: While not used as often now, porches have often been used as a sleeping area during extreme hot/humid weather, as areas to have casual meals or entertain friends and family.

Click through our gallery above to preview houses with sizable porches currently available in Sonoma County


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