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Homes with unique curb appeal currently listed in Sonoma County

According to Forbes magazine buying a unique property – whether by location or architecture – can bring unexpected benefits.

  1. You may find a new hobby: There are stories of people who’ve bought homes that had more property than they expected, and they became avocado farmers and loved it – even though they had never considered it before.
  2. There’s always a story to tell: Houses that have unique architecture or eye-catching landscaping always have a reason. Finding the backstory can become one of the more interesting things about a house.
  3. It can be the ultimate custom home: A house with different architecture may mean there are fewer ‘rules’ to follow when it comes to anything added to it, such as odd-shaped windows or handcrafted cabinetry.

There are downsides to anything that’s a little bit “different,” but that “difference” can also be the reason a homebuyer wants a unique house.

Click through our gallery above to preview homes with unique curb appeal currently listed in Sonoma County


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