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Sonoma County homes for sale close to the ocean

According to real estate experts on South Carolina’s The Boyd Team, there are advantages to owning a house near the ocean – and especially to owning a beachfront property.

Here are their top three:

Beachfront houses have a high rate of return when selling: Historically, beachfront properties tend to appreciate over time, whether they’re being used for full-time living or a vacation rental. If the house has been well-maintained, a homeowner can expect to the value of their home to rise over time.

Living near a beach reduces stress: Clinical studies have shown everything from the sound of waves, the sea breeze and ocean water all have a soothing effect on individuals both mentally and physically.

Living close to a beach increases physical activity: From swimming in the sea to going to the beach for a walk, it’s been shown that individuals who live near a beach tend to get outside more and move, as opposed to a more sedentary lifestyle.

In Sonoma County there are houses that are near a beach or within a few minutes’ drive currently listed on the MLS.

Click through our gallery above to preview recent Sonoma County home listings close to the ocean


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