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Sonoma County homes for sale close to downtown areas

When homebuyers start looking for a house, they are often told to consider the location.

According to Raleigh Realty, a real estate company in North Carolina,  many buyers are interested in having shorter commutes or even the ability to walk to work,  grocery stores or restaurants. Here are three reasons why living close to a downtown area is popular:

No commute: This is assuming that an individual works in, or close to, the downtown area.

Easy access: Downtown areas in any city are known to offer almost everything that an individual may need, from grocery stores to restaurants, all within blocks of each other.

Save money: Since most of the basics needed – food, clothing, and entertainment – are all in close proximity to each other, many people living close to the downtown area find it easy to walk or ride a bicycle to run their errands. This means less (or no money) spent money on a vehicle.

Click through our gallery above to see homes close to downtown areas in Sonoma County.


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