For Sale, Sonoma County

Sonoma County homes for sale near golf courses

According to luxury real estate brokers at The Pinnacle List, there are several reasons buying a home near a golf course is a good idea. Here are the top three:

Desirable location: When looking for a home, buyers are often told it’s all about location, location, location! Homes near (or on) golf courses are usually in well-maintained, desirable areas.

Faster appreciation: Homes that are part of – or close to – golf courses tend to raise in value more quickly, especially when the number of homes available is limited.

Close to a variety of amenities: For houses that are located on the golf course, amenities can mean a club membership and access to things like a swimming pool, tennis, or other activities. Houses close to a course can also mean access to these amenities, depending on the course and what they offer.

Click through our gallery above to see currently available homes near golf courses


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