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Sonoma County homes with recently reduced prices

According to the real estate experts at HouseLogic, there are many reasons a seller may reduce the price of their home, and it can give shoppers an advantage because the seller wants the home to sell quickly.

Here are the top three reasons sellers will reduce the asking price for a home:

Not enough interest: The number of homebuyers looking at a newly listed home can help the seller know if they’re asking too much. If a house has just a handful of people showing interest, it can be a sign that buyers think the house is overpriced.

Lots of interest, but no offers: If a seller has had a lot of people interested in the home but no offers, that generally means the price is too high compared to comparable houses listed in the area.

The house has been listed for too long: A listing agent knows the average time a house stays on the market before selling and if a house has been languishing on the MLS, it’s probably time for a seller to lower the price.

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