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Unique Sonoma County homes for sale

According to Forbes, unique properties will always have a place in the real estate market.

Though it may seem like a gamble to buy a house that can be noticeably different from surrounding houses in a neighborhood, here are the top three reasons given by individuals who bought unique properties, according to Forbes:

  1. Great stories: There’s a windmill in Amagansett, New York, that was turned into a home, and had celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Arthur Miller, and Kurt Vonnegut as guests. The new owners have a lot of history to tell visitors about their windmill home.
  2. The home may end up on TV: There are a number of house DIY, renovation, and history shows that are always looking for a unique property to showcase.
  3. Homeowners can customize: Unique architecture often leads to unique interior planning and details. A homeowner can add as much (or as little) customization to the house.

Click through our gallery above to see these Sonoma County homes featuring unique architecture.



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