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What you can buy for under $500,000 right now in Sonoma County

According to personal finance website The Balance, when a house is listed at far less than the market value there are a myriad of reasons why, and potential buyers should consider all aspects of the property before buying.

Here are three of the top reasons why a home may be listed for way less than others in the area:

Foreclosures: Banks will seize a house when the buyer stops paying on the loan and put the house up for auction. The low price advertised is usually the starting bid, so buyers need to be wary.

Fixer-uppers: These homes may need extensive repairs due to neglect or  abandonment.

Bad locations: This doesn’t mean a bad neighborhood, it means the house is located next to a freeway, landfill or industrial area. Houses in these areas are harder to sell and often come with a reduced price.

There are a lot of other reasons homes are underpriced, so buyers should always do due diligence.

Click through our gallery above to preview what you can currently buy under $500,000 in Sonoma County


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