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Sonoma County homes currently for sale close to schools

For homebuyers who have young children or are planning on starting a family, they may start looking for houses based on where they’re located in relation to well-rated schools.

According to the real estate professionals at, living near a school is a good choice, and here are their top three reasons:

Peace of mind that children are safe: The local police tend to monitor schools and nearby more visibly, keeping the crime rate low. Living close to the school gives a parent a better chance to know who their children are socializing with and know the other parents better.

Avoiding a long drive: If a family lives far from the school, a  commute can make mornings more hectic. If the house is within walking distance of the school, driving times are saved.

Homes near schools have higher appreciation: Because these neighborhoods tend to be safer and more in demand, homes close to schools tend to appreciate more than other neighborhoods.

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