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Sonoma County houses for sale surrounded by redwoods

One of the benefits of living in Sonoma County is the access to the region’s towering redwood forests, which have been shown to have positive health benefits for people who spend time in them.

Here are three reasons why living around the redwoods is beneficial, according to Sempervirens Fund, an  organization dedicated to protecting the redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains:

Physical health: Redwoods offer opportunities for hiking, bird-watching, mountain biking, mushroom hunting, rock climbing, and horseback riding.

Mental well-being: When people breathe in the forest air, they’re breathing in a little boost for mental health. That ‘forest’ smell in the redwoods are organic compounds called phytoncides that trees release into the air and have been found to lower stress and anxiety levels.

Social connections: Public green spaces are where children can make friends across cultures, and adults find that nature is the setting for positive social interactions when hiking or volunteering to help clean and maintain campgrounds and parks.

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